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God told me that .......
Vicente Galeano Benegas - 10-2-2013

I am convinced that these days are the best that I have lived, obviously, when I was young or time could against my image, those days are unequaled. Now with the struggle of the lived experiences, besides, of great part of the world of the spirits, my wisdom and celestial powers are the greatest achievements that a human being has managed to obtain.

People think any idea of me, they get confused until they get uplifted and envy me but I think it's better.Maybe because that person, when he saw me smile I notice that I lack good teeth, or why lunch in the squares of the micro center, and I'm going to eat at the municipal market on Yegros street, I lift mango from the sidewalks, I do not have a bachelor's degree; then, suddenly he hears that I am a prophet, an incarnated celestial being, compares the versions about me, prefers to flee from my proximity or vanish.

Being miraculous, is the greatest thing I could obtain in my life, there is no similarity in life equal to the power that comes from God, from Jesus, and from the Holy Spirit.As at the beginning of this scripture, affirm that these days are the best for me, I see the three of the Holy Trinity, but not everything is to see them, I speak with them. Yes.

God told me, "We have perfected your lights, now you have lovely eyes," I place miracles in my eyes, they are celestial lights.At the moment of looking at the person, flashes shine through my eyes like rays burning the evil spirits that possess people.

"Fight and destroy in the name of Jesus," God Almighty affirmed.

And when I began to see how the spirits come out of the people when looking at them, I understood that my path is also dangerous, because the evil forces intend to destroy me by belonging to the forces of God.

God continued telling me, "Evil will make any contraption so that you do not fulfill your mission, take care of yourself, you decide, you have absolute power, do not trust, do not feel pity".

When miraculously starting my story, I saw celestial lights, and also listen, "I am the merciful Jesus", from a place near me, observing his miraculous appearance.They are moments of great value for me, it can not be compared. And I continue to see Jesus, help me to master my gifts, and understand dimensional responses.

And, oh right to him, some say to know that I have divine powers.

I have asked many questions, an era, where is it, in what way it arrives. And while I live a very particular evolution, of struggle.During this contact God told me that he is in Paraguay, I looked at him and with his reverent voice reaffirmed me: "Publish and tell them that God is also in Paraguay, that I have done many miracles in this place, and I will continue to perform miracles in Paraguay."


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