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My eyes are not romantic, they are divine
Vicente Galeano Benegas - 14- 4 - 2012

Every experience that has already happened in my life, experiences that have made me
different from others, there are not many people like me, they are going to say that I am
exaggerated, or very proud.

Good is the reality, but one of the differences I have from others, to begin with, my
mother gave birth to me in my own home, in the city of Asunción-Paraguay, my parents
seperated, then in what goes so far , I moved to more than 30 houses, including the
addresses of the address in which I lived in Argentina and Brazil. Ancestrally, I come from
Guarani and Europeans, I have my captivating attractions, and with the luck that I always
had beautiful women to live love.

Years passed, and in 1973 we leased and managed a hotel with my mother, in what time was called "Hotel Virginia" in Asunción, located in Pte. Franco and May 14, the decade of the
70 'were auspicious times and tourism. I was 23 years old, I also worked as a waiter or
waiter in the hotel, one of those days, I was at lunch time, there were several clients to
whom I was serving the menu. Suddenly, the phone that was in the dining room sounds, I go to answer, I raise the had, I say hello, I perceive that it is my father, he greets me and
he says to me, you must always be ready for everything, and you have to be careful of the
way to tell your mother what I will tell you. They killed your brother Miguel, he murdered
your brother.

I was surprised, my father said goodbye, put up the phone, there were about 15 customers
sitting serving in the dining room. Look towards the position where I prepare the oil
bottles, cut the loaves, etc. and I return there shocked. And I continue serving, soda,
water, the menu. And I was buying in those seconds that in life everything changes
suddenly, in an instant.

And then I went to the kitchen, my mother was there with the cook, I did not say anything,
until after finishing the lunch schedule, I said, I call dad and he told me that Miguel was
killed. It was a strong blow for her.

In another time, in 1995, my mother tells me, you have to go to your aunt Luli's house,
there's your dad, he came from the interior, it seems that he's sick, he's sick. Then, I go
to Aunt Luli's house, she receives me, I go in, and in a bed my father was devastated by
stroke, I was scared, I was lying down, descalsificado, thin. After seeing him always
strong, vigorous, I see him like that.

We talked, and I said goodbye with the hope that we were going to talk again and it was the last time.

In 1996, on one of those days, I went to the gym to lift weights, the routine, I returned
home, and again the phone rang, I answered, and this time my sister said to me, Mom got hit by a car, and killed her .

They are truths of my life that differentiate me from others, this story that I have is
described like this, with these circumstances that I live.

And in the year 2002, it was night, being inside a commercial establishment, I perceive, of
the communication that I was tuning in, it was not telepathy the times I looked at one of
those lovely, beautiful brunette women, with long hair, body of exuberant curves, she
worked in the premises.Leaving this place, I begin to hear her voice, I look around, and
she was not there, I keep walking surprised, I arrive where I lived, I feel to rest and the
communication continues. The girl who always looked at him inside that store, spoke to me,
a voice sounded. And in that moment, surprisingly, I see my mother, on my right near me, I
see her spiritually. He tells me, "if you want to see that girl is going to pass in front
of the house," I left my room and went to the front door, I stayed at the door, it was
those colonial doors, a leaf was closed, left standing there, waiting for the girl from the
shop to pass, to talk to her, to see her.

Impatient, standing at the door smoking, after 23 hours, it was then that two meters from
me, I also see my father spiritually, he comes towards me, extends his arm to say hello,
and he says, you have to take care of him a lot. your brother. Then I see two fumes to my
right, and they disappeared. I woke up there, stopped and at dawn, I went to my sister's
house, they see me late, call my brother, come from home, and I tell them, I saw mom and
dad. Sure, they thought I was doped, drugged, drunk, whatever. A contact like that is not
seen every day, it was a miracle, my parents introduced me. They did not believe me, and I
returned to where I lived.

The years passed, 2003, 2004, I was learning to know the world of spirits. After several
years, until the first months of 2011, I see that my eyes have a different brightness, I
look carefully and see a light, in my eyes.I astonished began to recognize the light, it
looks like a star and it turns, it rotates, it is alive. It is a celestial light like the
one in the graph above, where the left hand of Jesus touches, that glow, which is so
designed, means that it rotates, affirming the design that spins and expands.

Obvious, a celestial light that turns in the eyes? Yes, you can only have this by the
miracle of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. When I look at people, the light turns, leaving
my eyes an energy that impacts people.

But the things that have life, come, I have a story that differentiates me from others.
This was the beginning and I still know the divine powers. Within all this, as I said when
starting, I have my captivating attractions, I love women, I think it is the best thing
that life has given me. Currently, when I approach a woman, I look at her, and see my eyes with a celestial light that turns, she begins to be happy, she fills an incredible happiness, she laughs, she does not believe, she is surprised, I continue to look at her, we talk, until In a moment I must say, "my eyes are not romantic, they are divine".

I have to say, because sometimes looking at a very young lady, or other ages, when I look
at them they think about romance first, they do not know. And again, in a moment I say, "my eyes are not romantic, they are divine." Because in everything, for all God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are major in our lives.


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