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Recover your values because no do not you go to .......
Vicente Galeano Benegas - 28- 12 - 2011

We are living a time of great violence, but this violence is generated everywhere in the land invasions, demonstrations, but this other place where none was believed that there could be violence, "home".But we all have different kinds of home, those are the or those living in other house, were raised in homes, or has that home he inherited or bought it, he or she who bought the land and I build.

In homes, it is now generates violence, but that is not the man beats his wife, his mistress, his girlfriend, but a verbal violence.

Yes, it's time to accept, but it is only a matter to think, that is being generated the worst violence, because they are the children and passing, they listen "to the son of sos bitch" that removed a good note, or if you look younger, such as a couple, they are talking about: "You, idiot because you were late" "idiot because you did not choose another color" instead of saying, "Peter, you were late", or had a long romance: "My love for you were late," but no, the issue is to take their values, treat it badly, instead of giving value or importance.

That is, in this type of communication is growing violence, but if we focus to another term, where the rights of each are, or whether the partner or friend, they have no rights.Instead violence grows, until the other person starts thinking away your rights Or treat you the same way, either way will try to "charge" at some point in their lives.

Another example, two young entrepreneurs, "you know that today sold more than five million Guarani, "the other replied" that son of a bitch sos "how to say" you're magnificent, "instead of saying" I congratulate Juan ", no, the issue is generating violence, take away rights to the other, treat it badly.

We have to fight this, these terms are used now catastrophic, most dangerous of thought. The struggle is not only to bring bread home, but we have the obligation to fight these languages that are grabbing all, if everything.

Evil or Satan uses these forms of treatment or terms to go destroying the values of each, each family, each home, relationship, friendship. Then, when one comes to think of the definition to find an answer to the consequences says "not if I was then and always," "no, if I always said so."

Then to have well-being, we must be conservatives, there is nothing wrong with being traditionalists, that tradition of parting with "goodbye" "tomorrow" rather than it sounds now, "go, go", "dale bun" "dale crazy "see the big difference. It seems that is not catastrophic but over time it is when the couple has separated, children are disturbed failures.

But as this has been implemented in our country, and as always, comes from outside,
if and as we are at home, there is more out corruption, more respect for all was lost. Evil has achieved further damage, harm much more than in our country.
We know the tracks, TV, radio, etc. Authorities are asleep, or are other heading corrupt or irresponsible, but who pays ?, the future.

Censorship went to ... poster gay kissing the walls, while children see the walls this way to school, where is the respect for children, violence is created everywhere, they are removed rights at all. And those children grow up watching this.

We must fight these languages destroying, in other countries are more destroyed, see the statistics, it is because of this, because it is generating in homes, in schools. Then we have to stop being conservative, keeping the tradition in education.But no, the Pope is saying at home "fuck", etc; and their children are listening. That result comes with it, or I will say do not see coming the consecuenicas bad with these terms.

Freedom, young people live completely wrong way, you can not be free without respect, without being true, where is the truth, as a personality is obtained, or be a safe person.

You are walking down the sidewalk, coming two companions, coworkers, and suddenly the conversation "japiro na", or in your office, at home or say. Where it is what was previously said, "style", "kind", "who brought" "to polite" this person is.

That is, in Spanish, "hacete a straw" "ejapiro na" now sounds when you're having lunch, at work, in front of children, grandparents, everyone.

Come fight so against these terms, because that values are lost, saying that now wave is disrespectful to anyone. Evil, Satan or demons used to go around destroying people.

You are in agreement that parents, to pay the most expensive fees schools will get their children to be educated with these terms, speaking there, or at home, it seems they are going to get a personality talking to this language anywhere, pay them the most expensive fee, but in all those years they were growing up, they saw the ramparts, those "suggestive" poster.

In other words, the mother who work all their lives to feed, educate, this son, daughter says "fuck" "shell of your mother," not being prostitute, even if it were, where is the love, respect, education, consideration. Where.

But the issue is that you can, yes, and now we have to fight again, telling your child, no, so "tomorrow", "goodbye", over and over again. Of course, one can hear "what?" But if my partner, my companion said, or if you say too.

Your friend, neighbor, co-worker, erea ere, will understand that it has to change. This bad-mouthing destroyed, which should disappear, we need to stop it.
Verbal violence, which seems so normal is to destroy, and your duty is to fight it, overcome it.

The way is to speak otherwise, with other terms if profanity, without violence, those conservatives, stylish, strength. That's the way to be free education, strong, confident.


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