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You are gay, lesbian, by spiritual influence
Vicente Galeano Benegas - 6-10-2012

We will focus on an age-old theme , sex, men, women , the times were acquiring different shades, science was giving design, and mysticism transcends all borders is also true.Comparing the changes of the times, we find all, spaces for culture , homosexuality in Greece, in Rome, education, fashion, wars, all this has left consequences.

And other faces, between the coup that overthrew the dictatorship in Paraguay , went
installing the sex of a freer way in Paraguay, they were coming with Triple XXX .He grew the message that freedom came to do and say what you want means democracy. But within the perspective within the culture, many fell and will fall into sexual deviations believing that democracy is mostly doing what you want.

Human degradation grows and grows each time , in what way ? with the degradation of values, moral, spiritual.For some organizations, and those who want to impose discrimination wreaks havoc gays and lesbians that " must be accepted as normal people."

We must focus the influence , the weight of information. In 1973 the Association
US psychiatry, and years later, in the 90s the World Health Organization
(WHO ), the UK government, Russian, Chinese , publish everyone that homosexuality is not a disease , because " decided to exclude " from disease and disorder of sexual deviations.

So what is homosexuality ?, they became less forceful level and sexual orientation disturbance called it after sexual disorders.Therefore, continue to increase the number of gays and lesbians worldwide .

Most human degradation, is that the same organizations world-famous publishing a lie, an ignorance that multiplies the effect of the millions who know the least .

Psychologists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, or better, all Psic's, termed the
among other terms homosexuality as a sexual perversion , mental illness. So science has resolved to call after studies using surveys or treatments of 10, or 2 patients showed that 60% ... or tendentious statistics ... Then homosexuality was defined .....

Thus they were getting Psic's definitions, as in other sciences. So the first set thus decided . And then they learned, read the books assigned by the universities for careers . Or this or that was edited Psic's book on the subject .

But none of these Psic's, never met the spirit world, never had no knowledge of the spiritual world, then as they were confident that the homosexuality is not caused by spiritual influence. But if you will read that this race to be a Psych, at the end you will receive your certificate without knowing exactly what is homosexuality, for you do not know the spiritual world, and less, you will receive your diploma Psic without obtained mystic power.

None of these Psic's had mystical power , nothing, just read pages and pages. So how it is that a definition could capture without even knowing accuracy.Freud was or is the most ignorant on the subject, that for homosexuality is the result of a conflict during the development of sexual identity in which the adolescent identifies with the female and begins to feel attracted to men.

Conflict, as a man is to identify as a woman and will begin to feel attraction to men, or mentally ?; clear, for which mechanisms?; with relationships that fail, drugs, family conflicts, these are the ways that conflicts occur but Frued largely ignorant like other Psic 's, not seen, nor are spirits, spirits never heard , let the spirits that were in them.

That is the question. Homosexuality is caused by spirits; spirits? if those invisible, you do not see, nor Freud saw.The spirits are causing changes during the development of sexual identity, indict themselves, the spirits are what make you feel attraction between two men , are what make you think you 're too cute or beautiful and gradually influence you to identify you as a woman.And at the time of sexual intercourse between two men they behave like one of those two women, that already is fully possessed by spirits.

You are gay, lesbian by spiritual influence, call him demon, devil or Satan , are all spirits , and they have intelligence developed over thousands of years, also they converted to millions transvestites , those who parade gay pride, those who live with a split personality . And they eliminated those who committed suicide because they could not, or the next that will not be able to assume his homosexuality and his failures.

Spiritual influence?, if the spirits are invisible, so no one believes that the homosexual when he looks at another, not seen anybody more than the other person, then it is convinced that the two of them are nothing more . They understand?.But the spirits are there, in them, in them , if for years , decades, influencing them when they argued with his parents , when he looked at a woman , a man , when discussing with your partner in adolescence, at all times.

The spirits are invisible, this is true, and when they come , have to influence or whoever, can be transformed into what they want, if the person ignores this truth. The spirits exist, they are real, they are a superior, ancient intelligence, you're sure to become homosexual, lesbian, Without you being able to discover it until the moment of your death. If you do not strive to discover and defeat them.


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