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John Fogerty: The spiritual side to triumph after a dangerous place

Vicente Galeano Benegas- 2-8-2015

Many are the interpretations that show us the truth. But most
Humanity think they are not experiences that musical lyrics are just bohemia.

Undoubtedly, I am convinced that the great musicians if they live their stories and write them to sing.Among those featured are those of Credence Clearwater Revival, this American group name if under a creative stage rocker.

This group, from its name and provides superior wisdom in Spanish translates, Credence Clearwater Revival o Believing in Revival clear waters. Has a heavenly meaning, are like holy water, which in their lyrics and musical scales relive each. The holy water is changing us completely, at baptisms, blessings of young and old.

With this name, they and the music labels who launched, rock music gave pleasure to millions of generations. The songs of Credence were taken to many rhythms that are and will continue in force in the media, in dance sites.

One of its members, John Fogerty, continues to work musically, touring the world with these interpretations brilliantly from the 60's became eternal.Fogerthy, visionary, has proven to be a musician full of faith in God Almighty, in other words we can say that he was "touched" divinely.

John Fogerty, is the soul, the main songwriter of the successes of Credence. Fogerty, he could cultivate their faith in God. And with his talent, he composed to communicate truths.

Fogerty communicates with many of his hits of faith in Christianity. For example with "Hey Tonigth" (Hey Tonight), he composed to keep out a long time last night, and to re-strengthen religion.In "Long I Can See The Light" (From Far I See The Light), she sings it while we can see not just with candlelight for example, but with the spiritual light, we will have a more visible way and prosperous. In "Born on the Bayou" (Born in the Swamp), remembers his father's advice to avoid being caught in the legend, with desires, attracted to the swamp, while his hound barking, chasing a shadow there on his ranch. With "Bad Moon Rising" (Bad Moon Rising) their visions.

And Fogerthy, is another that has its miles traveled by paths of life. Among his greatest musical creations, this one identifies. "Lody", a song released in 1969. In this composition, he wrote his history, lived and inspired when I went through a US city, called "Lody" and that these experiences mean to route its strength and its future projects.

"Lody" musically appeases, conveys hope and conviction, and I chose to conceptualize and define these first verses.

"Just about a year ago, I set out on the road,"
"Seekin' my fame and fortune, lookin' for a pot of gold."
"Things got bad, and things got worse, I guess you will know the tune."
"Oh ! Lord, stuck in Lodi again."

The story of John Fogerty, in this song, is a starting point, and that the days have their surprisingly catastrophic effects if not cautiously think. So if we start now seek help from a be higher as god or jesus.

It is not the city itself, but from a bar or place where people gather to have a good time, listening to music, but in the end, you end up, drunk,I back completely intoxicated with beer or other beverages, including mixed with other drugs. But not only is the effect rather is whether one makes it to where you live, or if the path does not cause any accidents, fights, murders, effects and sexual changes, suicides, well the consequences are catastrophic. Fogerty, he described to be caught again in that kind of place, and losing friends, money, time, health is not only be subject to taste, rather it is the influence of evil forces, to go over and sometimes back to those areas where lead is dangerous cause, it is uncontrollable, then the solution is to stop using, and Fogerty expressed as asking God, Jesus, a help to overcome this stage.

So we should all reconsider before reaching those places where there are evil influences and effects always consequences destroy our lives.


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