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Attention: Danger of diplomats accredited to Paraguay
Vicente Galeano Benegas- 19-12-2013

's Been about two months before writing this article, phone call to the embassy of the United States of Americain in Asunción-Paraguay, tracing directed me to the secretary of the ambassador , whom the greeting, and say my full name, I still talking saying I want to request a hearing with James H. Thessin accredited ambassador in Paraguay , which are asked to follow the paperwork for this meeting. I question this person is or what issues to develop the diplomatic, I answer; very important, and that even the President Obama is pleased that the ambassador is manager of this hearing, since the magnitude of my proposal was incomparable.A few days passed , until I my cell phone rings , you 'll get it , I greet a person who is identified and asked me , have you requested an audience with the ambassador? , I answer , yes, and I said , you can come to talk and we have other people we 'll be waiting , then we know the issues that you want to tell your ambassador. We set a date and went to the embassy arrived, and as always to enter , present document , leave everything that you can not take a person who is in that section , step, two more people greet me , and walked the four I go to there next to the entrance of the embassy office.

We started talking, I asked one of them said was occupationally closer to the ambassador that it was so that he can speak to the ambassador and consider the audience. We sat, each located, and tell them that I received miracles of Almighty God and Jesus in the eyes, that at a time when the Almighty few months ago and his son Jesus descended from heaven and put me in my eyes Heavenly Lights,microscopic beings in my eyes, which have healing powers of psychological, spiritual conditions, many people already saw these heavenly lights in my eyes, that I have several celestial powers and they taught me how to use, with incalculable values for the United States, and in order to share them with humanity.

I assure you that what I have is great, great, and I could not go to the embassy earlier in the Clinton or Bush administration that still had not these miracles with me. But if it was present there to express all seriousness as a means to a diplomatic representation, which I possess.

And I can ask for more if the ambassador gave me the audience, really, the ambassador VAT to hear a lot more of these miracles that I have.

While these three officers watching me, both write some data that I said, and at one point I assure you that I am proof that God exists,if it is an American scientist and watch with my eyes aftamologico apparatus, and there it will ensure that I have what I was saying in that space of the embassy.I think so far, these three people, never had a meeting with someone who says they have miracles and I assure them to start the conversation they heard an amazing exposure.I assure them that my statement is true, owning miracles with the intervention of Almighty God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, also I have the proof of how Jesus was begotten.

One of them asked me if I wanted to go to the U.S. or if I wanted to come here in Paraguay a scientist , I replied, may be positive arrival scientific but more importantly I go there, as if to say , scientific not going to come with all their laboratory in Asuncion. Then another of them said , " But you can go to another embassy too," I replied that yes, the embassy of the United States, was the first visit to exhibit miracles and benefits, as saying which of course I 'll go to another embassy , if they did not grant me audience because I can propose to other countries, other governments invest millions in scientific projects and not just Americans. Well, I explained in this way the importance of this meeting , and since when finalized , will ask the person who told me was closer occupationally Ambassador , if you grok the conversation , I said yes and I look at the other two, and goodbye , we remove my phone with other objects I had left at the entrance of the embassy, go out , road continuing with my other efforts .

Went by, days, more than a month, did not call me for the audience. And as always, coverage for Digital Marandú my news portal, which by the way, during the meeting I told those three people, I am owner of a news portal called Digital Marandú, still with my routines.

And one day, I was in the Granados Park Hotel , during the presentation of one of the reports of the Judiciary, when at one point I went to the toilet , returning to the room, gets in front of me a man looking at him and distinction that security guard , headset , bottom of his sack was bulging because you could tell he was armed , he tells me arrogant half, sir, your identity card , I look , I reach into my pocket , grabbed my wallet , pull out my identity card , I show . I ask , " What about you where are you? , I answered me , " From here , from here , "he or someone else was gonna understand that it was hotel security. , And Grab , look at my identity card , write some data , I passed back And then, looking in my shirt pocket , I give a copy where it says that people have heavenly powers ; . this person tells me , "Oh your card is ," I say , "is not a card, I'm humble "as saying that just serves to communicate particular activities , I pass , I say , I am a bright celestial being , I'm still flesh , also assure you that God Almighty and Jesus have fallen at a time and I gave heavenly powers and they taught me how to use them and also to heal people , and I add that I also do journalism.

I returned my identity card, and this person proves me or wanted to prove that I was interested in knowing some truths of my heavenly powers , talked for a moment and then I go back to living in the event, at the end , I see that the person the paper asked him about the U.S. ambassador , then I perceive security guard or bodyguard of a diplomat. When I asked for my identity card , I said no , I'm bodyguard or security of the U.S. ambassador . So there I wonder why I ask for my identity card , if two months ago I went to the embassy and to request a hearing to enter the conversation with these people , and had submitted my ballot, ask ahorame document. How odd I said , I thought, if they do not investigate the paper presented to enter the embassy is, call identification, find out who is the syllabus citizen , I thought again that I now ask these embassy document.

After I came out of that event , I continue with my efforts , few days passed , and again I went to another event, this time in the presentation of the "Balance 2013 & Outlook 2014," the Central Bank of Paraguay , where the president of the Central Bank exposed , German Minister Rojas and a foreign guest . I arrive at the BCP , and I stand in one of the boxes at the Convention Hall . Was sitting sitting near the door to the stage , and suddenly opens , I see a colleague , Leon , member of the press department of the BCP and I get up, get out of the box to the step the door , I narrow the hand in greeting to ask about a book published by the institution to commemorate the Guarani and then my left one person tells me arrogantly , " you 're not a journalist, you can not be here," I look at it is coming, I see has headphones, and again under his coat , a lump that is classic , is armed . I reply , " And you, as you know I am not a journalist ," he repeats to me, " You 're not a journalist , there can be here," and asks me to document , I say, " But it's the second time I am asked to document " as I realized it was another security guard of the U.S. ambassador . He says, " I 'm a cop " and removes his badge and show me , (that would have done to start and not after treat me that way) , I reply. " If you already have security, but who told you that I am not a journalist ," I answered looking threateningly and leaning my face with fury and closing his right fist , " But if my colleagues will always throw when they see " that surprised me most , as it was really absurd , I never threw any coverage , or the most important events in Paraguay .

So already offended I reply, "Look that's a lie, I would never miss anyone from anywhere and less will allow kick me" I spend my meat journalist Marandú Digital, look and again tells me, "No, you're not a journalist, "then the colleague whom I was greeting says," There's a journalist, I know, I have long, I'm in journalistic field and I know he is a journalist, "the security I passed the document back says "You're not a journalist," makes shook his head and lowered at that time was another witness, a driver or security guard Minister German Rojas, and witnessed what was happening as it was a few inches at the time.

But this sets the tone of the police or custodians or call them , come not knowing investigate and trampling human rights. Imagine , I went to the embassy, ​​present my identity card and then at other times I am asked to identify new document . And it is striking that these procedures did for me . What would you do to find out who and what is the profession of a person ? To Call the department identifications of the National Police to investigate or that way you know who is the person ? . But these are the security of the U.S. ambassador , are proceeding in this way, means that its procedures are terrible . What if at the time when I was asked documents , just would have happened some aggression , accident or attack this ambassador or other ambassador? . And these two are strikingly security document and asking twice. I said, you do not give security to anyone, least of a diplomat, or me . I went to the 10th Metropolitan Commissioner to report this and I have the transcript in the Act No. 5711 .

The embassy itself one of the countries with the secret services of the world's top, police or intelligence, is that here not even know who the person you are dealing with. Then the other ambassadors accredited to Paraguay others, or accredited diplomats nations, if they have the same level of security, do not have the slightest security in our country today.

It is absurd that officers of the national police like these that I mention, are part of the security team at one of the most important diplomatic offices in the world, and to proceed with this attitude at this stage of events, and who are trustees or personal safety foreign diplomats.

If the U.S. embassy have these two as I mention, and for the moment I do not have identifiados of name, you think as will safety in other venues and sets the tone of danger against the lives of diplomats accredited to Paraguay.


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