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Peter Frampton "hearing voices", a similar story
Vicente Galeano Benegas -21-10-2013

Peter Frampton has great career, this British musician is one of the best of rock, very talented. Frampton at age 10 and formed his own band in his school and playing guitar. Well, not everyone has this path, that way was cultivating his talent. It was recorded several "Long Play", this was the term at the time the disks or CDs, world tours, everything. Peter Frampton in their glory years, when he was on stage or anywhere, not needed or touch, just by looking at women were totally exalted shouted, causing total euphoria, this is to graph the image of this artist. Some of its successes are Baby I Love Your Way - Show Me The Way - Shine On - Waiting For Your Love.

Life has many phases, all for learning, for success or failure, and we all have to learn, until the last moment of life, for there is no other, there is no human being who knows everything, even the most wise to learn, that's the way to live.

Inside the magnificent path Frampton, to better understand this religion, spirituality or spiritualism, to say otherwise, believe in God, have faith in Jesus.

Frampton, Just like me, one day he began to hear voices, of course, he will be asked to hear voices, and I also ask me.

Well, touring, recording studios, etc.. he sought the answer, I hear it, that is this, mainly because it rock?. Of course, at a time when it was run without any rope, hearing those voices will be said, this is the effect on my mind, so I hear voices, and I'm really getting mad. I have to intern?. And as in these cases, the same person has to do how and why this happens voices, no such thing as going to a psychiatrist or psychologist and fix already. In the end the doctor asks, from where those voices, even they ask, wall?

Frampton, consultants, and I decided to tell people who were voices of spirits to realize it was not his mind, was out of it, around your body, from your head. And it happened, as an artist, so no one believed more rock, some times who had shouted for them to understand.

Imagine, Peter Frampton had heard voices and people. There were always saying "this and went crazy" over both rock now end this way. How will that hearing voices, of course millions of people wonder.

But Frampton fighter from ten years for his principles, to prove that God exists, or words with the term of their culture, began writing music to be heard around the world, then the world knew him for his presentations, for more media was full.

Also over time it can serve others, but it is the only song that focuses but this is the most specific for the lives. He composed the song "You", another of his stunning creations a temaso, begins with a "dotted" with a tone of suspense for two minutes until it starts to count, one, two, three, four, and after, a download of scales full of unparalleling energies.
. On which note that after several years to go looking for an answer, lost in the dark, not knowing if he was going to beat this or lose his whole career, his whole life.

For that to continue, that hearing voices is to die or end up as those who make more than four months do not bathe and are roaming the streets, I'm sure you have seen a similar case, see it all like crazy and nobody thinks of those voices that person is listening.

This subject is the fourth in the list of Peter Frampton album released in January 1994. "You" says elsewhere,

"Lost in the shadow of self doubt"
"Not knowing which way to run a"
"Trying to figure it all out"

Then Frampton, saw that could end, die or end up as those who do more than four months does not bathe and are wandering the streets, I am sure they will already have seen a similar case, all see it as crazy, and no one thinks of those voices that are listening to that person.

Continuous "You" with a Frampton afflicted, desperate for suddenly checks that exists is a reality of these voices are of spirits, invisible lives, you destroyed by which otherwise do not want, only to destroy you. Again at home, in the street, continue working in all activities at all, with those voices, with medicine psychologist or psychiatrist, keep listening, listening.

Continua "You" with a distressed Frampton, desperate suddenly finds that there is a reality these voices are spirits, invisible lives, destroy that you do not want anything, only destroy.

"I heard these voices inside my"
"Voices that make echoes in the soul"
"I'm crying, but no one listens to me"
"disappears in the wind."

The effect is catastrophic, is never just a voice, are several, six or seven or more spirits, for only one you cannot destroy, then there are several to torture you and kill you, when you cross the street, driving your car, at all times, to take more tranquilizers.

These voices you want to destroy or whether and when the person who is listening to voices goes to a psychologist or psychiatrist, these you respond vos tenes to overcome and only vos Yyou can, tómale this medicine during treatment, you recipe and suggests concentration. Again the you hear voices going to the house, on the street, continue working, in all activities, at all times, with those voices with the medicine of the psychologist or psychiatrist, continue listening, listening.

This music has important messages, I think Frampton did not include the time I hard, he says not much, maybe, but no minutes are months, years, yes, sometimes five or more than one person listening to those voices. To my mind, to strengthen the hope that when another person hear, experience this
remedy is hope that soon disappear, I do not claim duration.

Frampton, defined in other time vanish, go away, and is unmatched tranquility in person since.

In "You" brand experience,
"I was trying to remember"
"How do you feel when things are good" -
"There is no hope for the future"
"When there is no love in sight."

Imagine a person like Frampton, successful, famous, money, everything, and suddenly finds himself not knowing if it's the same, you see this situation being winner may not exceed, also tell others who hears voices, I take crazy. Who can love a person, if one is talking to another person does not know if the word is answered in the one in front at the time, nor of the, without love, oddly enough, one stands alone.

"Oh you"
"came to me"
"and you" - "Release me"
"I still can not believe"
"I came to."

It is a difficult, dangerous experience, most of those who live to hear voices that they can not overcome by strange forces that are appearing and disappearing everywhere, at all times, no one attack you can defend.

"You" wraps,
"Clinging to the passion"
"There is only one way to go"
"You do not have to force"
"Let love grow".

Peter Frampton Could by love, that means God, Jesus, then a higher power is obtained although they appear in this bohemian moment. It is the only way.

Hearing voices, as I hear Frampton coincides with what I had heard. The presentations continuous playing and singing "You" with other great musical performances to communicate through his art.

I'm not complaining, God Almighty and Jesus have put me in the eyes rotating celestial lights, light is live, we see the spirit of Jesus, God in my eyes, unmatched power, turning in my eyes.

"YOU" live

"YOU" studio Version


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