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Jesús, in this holy week or next week?

Vicente Galeano Benegas - 11 - 3 - 2015

We are approaching Easter, millions of people live in many ways this week.In Paraguay, Easter is maintained with its traditions, obviously, different from the 70'.When they were days when guys do not have to run a lot, or speak rude words, speak loudly, and older with total reflection to others, with God Almighty and Jesus. This Easter, the Paraguayans lived with feeling.

Holy Week is a different, miraculous event, full of evangelization, recollections, reflections and demonstrations of various cultures.Its climax, the Passover is the truth, life after bodily death, eternity.

And Jesus proved this reality. After his resurrection, and appear before his apostles, to leaders and patriarchs in several cities, and others who had the opportunity to meet him after his resurrection.All these people were communicating this truth in their communities, then was spread throughout the world forever.

In addition to the resurrection, Jesus proved to be the son of God, through miracles. And I make hundreds of miracles, in several towns, places, before thousands of witnesses.

It is a story, Jesus was real, there, was far from Paraguay, or China, but if those thousands who lived witness this reality, and secured for all that
Jesus is the Son of God.It is not a story without witnesses, the story of Jesus has
true elements.

I wonder, like millions of people may doubt this religious history, and as no doubt other realities that happened in humanity.

Jesus has struggled to show what it means to be like.I had to tell people who later were apostles teach that was unique and different from all devote to make them miraculous like, and evangelize the existence of God, the words of the Almighty, their messages face with courage and wisdom the challenges we everyone.

Jesus alive among political system faces, the Roman, the most savage, cruel, heartbreaking at the time. Nobody dared to have followers, not just a few.But Jesus, full of courage I fight to prove that he was the son of God and teach others not to fall into the clutches of evil.

Jesus proved to be the son of God Almighty. Among its outreaches, this prayer as one of the weapons to fight, face adverse situations.He has left many lessons to succeed. Always give your outreaches results, insisting, learning from him, lashing out with courage as did the patient continuance again and again.

The road is well understand, study, understand as a child of God, as a teacher, to know him as the redeemer.


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